Women that makes a difference: Ida Karoline Bye

Ida Karoline Bye is one of those goddesses that is so refreshing to be around. When I asked her to do this interview, she said “Yes, I love attention”. I find her extremely witty, empowering, good hearted and very reflective. We talked about the power of women empowering each other, how her father inspires her and what we can do to make the planet a better place.

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What is your life philosophy?

My favorite quote is this quote from socrates “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”. I feel like the older I get and the more I learn, I realize that I don’t know anything. I think it's very liberating. That there is no meaning to anything in life, but at the same time everything has a meaning.

If you could convey anything to the world? What would it be?

Be fucking kind to each other. It irritates me that people can allow themselves to be so fucking mean, rude and vicious. Especially men. Because they are more likely to express their anger outwardly, women are more prone to direct their anger inward. Be kind to the nature, humans and animals. Your life on earth is max 100 years. In about 4 billion years, our galaxy will crash into another galaxy and we will be nothing. So make the best out of your life and be kind. People struggle because of the pain that have been inflicted on them by others. No matter how bad things are, what you have experienced or what people have done to you. You should be kind. It requires strength. Don’t go around punishing others for things you’ve experienced.

What or who are you inspired by?

My dad is my role model. Because he is all I appreciate with family. I often cry because I get so touched by his kindness. Not only for me but for everyone around him. An example of his kindness are when someone at his work place has a birthday and he buy flowers for them without a note saying that it is from him. He is so nice and he do it to make other people happy. It is not so common nowadays, because we want creds for everything we do. So I’m striving to be more like my dad.

I also get inspired by deep conversations, not superficial talking. It makes me restless. Parties also inspires me. I’ve just joined several girl groups in Oslo. Where we go to all girls parties and we are only talking positively to each other. You can dress as slutty as you want and people will not say anything negative. We d0 everything from spin the bottle to baking gingerbread cookies etc. I’m always looking forward to these parties. Everyone is very free spirited and accepting.

Do you think it is important to be surrounded by great women?

I think woman are so much more interesting than men. There are a few men who impress me, but women are an eternal mystery. I like the mystery. Women inspires me greatly.

Do you have any daily rituals?

Yes, I usually use a little time in the morning in front of the mirror putting my make up on where I pamper myself with compliments and self love. It empowers me for the day. No matter how little time I have or how little make up I’m putting on my face I do it. It is not about the makeup, but the time I have with myself. I also always start the day with a smoothie I call “Ida’s super smoothie”. Flaxseeds, wheat grass powder, blueberries, spinach, banana, oat milk and juice.

What are your three tips to make the planet a better place?

  1. Stop eating meat.

  2. Sew things. Deliver your clothes to a tailor. It will make your stuff cooler and unique. Buy stuff at flea markets.

  3. Be kind. Especially when you notice that you are struggling to be nice. Kill people with kindness.

Why did you choose to stop eating meat?

It’s mostly for the environment, but I am not going to lie. I do it for the animals as well. I really have empathy for animals and I can start to cry if I see a cow and think about people eating it.

What does your ideal world look like?

Utopian world. Unfortunately, it’s quite boring. I like that people are different. But it would be nice if we could tolerate our differences and live in harmony with each other. Even if we have different identities or different sexes (if you have a gender you identify with) and religion etc. I know I have prejudice myself, but I’m working against my own prejudices. I wish we could see more of that. People being more active working with their own prejudices. Race debate for example. Why is it still a thing? People are people. We are all one human family. I also would like if we lived with the animals and that the technology had taken over our food consumption. I dont mean that we should eat powder but that we use our technology to make meat replacements and plants. So we don’t have to destroy our rain forests to produce things.


What makes you feel most empowered?

Myself, my girlfriends, music, dancing, winning discussions (especially against men ), exercise. Yes, i’m a basic bitch.

What is the best tips you’ve ever received?

My dad says “It’s not that important. Don’t worry about it”. I think that is important. To not take everything so serious. The best tip I give is “Do it badly”, It’s so many people who feel a pressure to do things so perfectly and have unrealistic expectations for themselves in all areas of their lives. I think that if you lower your expectations, it’s easier to actually complete things well.

What makes you happy?

The forest, exercise (chemically in by brain), my girlfriends, my dad and family unit. Sometimes I start cry because I’m so happy because of my family. They ask me why I am crying and I’m like, I love you so much. Friends that are there for you, but also small things like clean air in the fall etc.

What do you want to contribute to the world?

Right now it is to take care of myself. I want to be an expert of taking care of myself. Im getting there, but it takes time. I think I can help others more if I fill my own cup up first. I also want to work for a business or start my own business that works with the triple bottom line.

Would you call yourself a feminist? What does it mean to you?

100%. It means that we will have the same rights as men. We should have the same opportunities and we should earn the same amount of money. Feminism is big. We should focus on not only feminism for white women but also inter-sectional feminism. It is important for us to think about how it has been for women in other cultures.

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