HEAL: Christine Nissen

Do you ever feel like you where destined to meet some of the people in your life? That’s how I felt meeting Christine Nissen. I met her when she was at an interview for one of the room in the collective I lived in. We had the same views on life, spirituality and food philosophy. For me Christine has been a catalyst for further understanding around food being medicine and a living example of it after she healed her eczema with food.

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Tell me about your eczema and how you healed it?

I read an article about a 9 year old girl who had tried everything to cure her eczema and she had cured it by going on a raw food diet. She went on a 100% plantbased based raw food diet for a period of time and it healed her eczema. When I saw it I knew that I had to try it. I actually had contact with them through the whole detox prosess. I’ve had eczema for all my life except a period in my teens and was getting tired of always bringing my creams everywhere and using medicine that only helped a little. So I tried to eat a raw food diet for three months. (When you eat a raw food diet you eat clean vegetables, nuts & fruits. You can not eat anything that is processed over 42 °C.) The first week was mind-blowing. I felt really good and it felt right. I think it felt extra good because I went from being a vegetarian that ate gluten and milk to eliminate it all. From the second week I felt really bad for 7 weeks because my body was detoxing. I had flu symptoms and my skin became really red and swollen. It literally felt like it where going to burn up. I couldn’t go to school and when I went to the doctor to get sick leave I couldn’t get it because he said that I did something that he hadn’t recommended. Today’s doctors will only get you medications to remove the symptoms briefly, instead of finding the root cause of the symptoms. Luckily my school understood my healing prosess and backed my decision to try to heal this way fully. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever gone through and if I hadn’t known that the end result would be good I wouldn’t have done it.

  Christine during her healing process.

Christine during her healing process.

What happened when you started to feel better?

After 7 weeks I started to feel much better and I had healed my skin. I also added omega based plant oil to my diet and was more out in the sun which helped alot. I feel like going raw did not only heal my eczema but also mental aspects in my life. I feel really blissful and it improved my mental health as well. This is when I understood that food can be medicine. At this moment I actually thought that I was going to eat raw for the rest of my life.

What is your food philosophy?

Everything that grows and in it’s natural form. I am a vegan and I’ve found out that my body thrives on a 70% raw food diet with a little cooked food like potatoes etc. I also believe in drinking a lot of water. I call her the water fairy.

What made you decide to go vegan?

I went to a party and one of my classmates told about how red meat are more harmful to the environment than driving a car. The day after I heard that story I stopped eating meat. I went vegan when I went raw and have been it ever since because I felt better.

What does a typical day in the wellness world look like to you?

To sleep enough. For me sleep is as important as food. Being conscious with my breath. I’ve actually started with ice baths and I recently moved to a house near a lake so now I have no excuses to not do it. I also like to wait with breakfast and has found periodes of intimate fasting are really helpful because it lets your body heal. Smoothie or juice is always a good option. I also like being out in nature and to be surrounded by people that make me feel better.

Do you have any daily rituals?

Meditation and focus on my breath is really important to me. It grounds me and bring me back to the present moment.

What is your life philosophy?

Balance. I believe that it is important to not work yourself to exhaustion but to create a balance in life with work, being surrounded by people that make you feel better and do things that make you happy. Because if you have that balance and take care of yourself it will affects all parts of your life. I also believe in living simple. My dream is to live in a mini house in Hawaii with a big garden so I can grow most of my food by myself.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope that I live in the mini house in Hawaii and have a family. I really love making food and one of my dreams is to open a restaurant or a cafe where I can serve amazing vegan food. I also want to give back and help the community so the most optimal thing would be if I made a restaurant business where 30% of the income went to orphanage or sick children. I really love to work with people as well so I think it would be a good combination. I am not interested in living the typical “comfortable” A4 life and crave to make a difference in this world and live in a sustainable way.

What or who are you inspired by?

I am really inspired by @ellenfisher on instagram because it looks like they live a wonderful life in hawaii. Lately I’ve also been really inspired by the podcast “your own magic”. If I can say a person that have inspired me it will be my grandmother. She had the most amazing child like spirit with great sense of humor and she was one of those people who light up the room with her presence.

If you could convey anything to the world? what would that be?

It's cliché, but do not take things so seriously. Live more in love. Look through what is and don’t judge people.

Where can people find you?

at instagram @vegan_load & @christinenissen (for my art).

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