There is something about those people who support and inspire you to go the unconventional & creative way. Tori Lind Kjellstad is one of those people. She’s a cartoonist, aspiring photographer and a badass woman. Her cartoons has been published in Aftenposten, VG and she is from a paradise in northern Norway called Senja.


Why did you start drawing?

When I went to high school I chose the creative courses and drawing was one of those classes I got really good grades in. After I finished school I just continued drawing, but it wasn’t until I moved to Oslo I really started making cartoons and got a lot off positive feedback.

Your cartoons where published in Aftenposten (one of the biggest newspapers in Norway). How did that happen?

I had this friend who where like “Your cartoons are amazing, you have to send them to Aftenposten.” I really didn’t believe in myself because I thought it was so many more talented people than me who also tried to get published, but I did it anyway. Long story short. I got a mail from them and they said that they loved my cartoons and that they wanted to feature me for six weeks.

Did being featured in Aftenposten open any doors for you?

It made me connect and become friends with many other cartoonists. I’ve worked with a blogger and got featured in VG(another popular Norwegian newspaper).

What inspires your cartoons?

Situations. From my own life and my friends lives. My son also inspires me a lot.

What are your tips to get published?

You just have to work hard. If you keep practicing and pushing and don’t take no for an answer then amazing things can happen.

Do you have some daily rituals?

There is so much I feel that I should do, but I dont really have any daily rituals. It might be that I use lavendel oil and do yoga occasionally. I struggle with anxiety and insomnia so my mom wants me to start meditating.

If you are going to give me some guidance in life, what would it be?

I don’t know. We are great at motivating and supporting each other in our creative ventures which I definitely want to continue with.

Where can people find your work?

@tori_lind _ and crapthecartoon (for english readers) at instagram.

(you have to click on the picture to see whole photo series)

Line Gedde-Dahl