I met Elin when we both studied fashion in Paris, France 7 years ago. We became friends when we visited a castle in Fountainebleau & have been friends ever since. Elin is unconventional, creative, inspiring and a person I have really interesting conversations with. Her home is filled with plants and that’s why she is the first person I will interview in PLANT HOME SERIES.


Do you know how many plants you have?

No, hehe. Maybe 20. I don’t think it’s more than that but I wish it was over 100.

Why do you have so many plants?

Because I think it make the room look nice. When I started to buy plants. You know I have a tendency to hoard things. So I started hoarding plants.

What does having so many plants bring to your life?

I like to just lay in my bed and look at them. It also gives more life to the room.

What are you inspired by?

People. My friends, boyfriend and family. I also get inspired by trying new things and do things i’m not 100 % comfortable with. Like skating and draw with wax crayons.

Do you have some daily rituals?

No. It has to be to sleep as long as possible.

What are your philosophy in life?

It has to be to do at least one thing daily that makes you happy.

If you are going to give me some guidance in life? What would it be?

It would be to follow my life motto. To do at least one thing daily that makes you happy. You should also paint more and show your work. You should promote yourself more in general. But I think you have become better at it this year. You should also try new things and explore new ways of doing things.

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